Request Mabel Website

Use this form to request creation of a reseller site through Mabel, our web content management system (CMS).

Please ensure that you have been issued with a Mabel/Marvin user account before you complete this form, or your request will be delayed/declined. To request a Mabel/Marvin user account, click here.

Your details

You need to have a Mabel/Marvin user account established before you can work on a site.

Site Settings

If you'd like your site to be set up based on an existing Mabel site (e.g. so you can translate it), enter the domain name of the source site here. If you want a blank site with no content, enter 'None'.

e.g. Enter the full domain name (including www subdomain, if required).

If the new website will replace an existing live website, make sure you indicate that by selecting 'Yes' here. In this case, you will be assigned a temporary domain name for you to work on the site until your site is ready to go live.

If the desired language is not listed here, it is not supported by Mabel.


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